Teardrop Banner outdoor promotion for new diaper product launch

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Every child born in the expectations of their parents, so let your baby eat the best, with the best help them grow up healthy. Accompany their most important partner is the diaper newborn baby, they grow up fast, each period should have suitable for their development of diapers, especially when the baby starts will go will jump eagerly want explore the strange world, let them at ease and comfortable activity is very important.
However, in US's highly competitive market of disposable diapers / pants, disposable diapers, various branded products mainly general lack of knowledge of the mother of pants-type diaper and relative also limits the development of the market space. Diapers brand launched the "easy to wear" diapers with intensive teardrop banner promotion on the street, in order to increase their market share, to help baby development, ease and comfort to explore the world of purposes, but also looking forward to the diaper market in US to develop more mature.

The modern mother bear the pressure of work and care of children toil baby is their beloved baby, the hard work is full of love for the baby, my mother always wanted to give the baby the best care. Compared to traditional consumers, they are not a single message recipient, in addition to acquire new knowledge from television, magazines, teardrop banners and also through the network information, the recommendation of friends and family, to determine their buying behavior.
Media strategy, Diapers brand, "put it on your baby easily explore the strange world of" unimpeded briefly highlight the brand of "easy to wear" interest points. Through the official website, TV advertising, parenting network, parenting magazines, teardrop banner flags, etc., the use of education mother "easy to wear" men and women, as well as twice the elastic waist, extra soft and material, ultra-breathable design, easy and avulsion design interests points, while stressing the importance of the development of the baby, so as to enhance the awareness and favorability "easy to wear" Diapers brand. And with the discount promotions, to stimulate new mothers experience the benefits of "easy to wear" baby.
At the operational level, the overall media events to TV ads "easy to wear" brand, easy to wear with the parenting website, parenting magazines cooperation and mother depth of communication interests point. Education Mom pants worn diapers, eliminate the mother of pants-type diaper concerns (such as leakage will) in the activities of the official website, with fun interactive games, good through the mother of the baby expert education diapers the importance of the development of the baby. In addition, through the shear angle of the print magazine advertising and teardrop banner promotions, as well as the official website, "Help View go zone" to stimulate the consumption of new mothers, let your baby experience "easy to wear" comfortable experience.
This wave of "easy to wear" Diapers brand activities, implementation of integrated marketing through television advertising, the official website, the site cooperation, magazines cooperation, enhance the "easy to wear" in the market share of the overall market in the activities from July to September 2008 period Diapers brand "easy to wear" market share increased to 2.5% from 0.8%.