Retractable Banner promotion in black Friday sales

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Black Friday make you think? Bible, Jesus was a disciple Judas day? Or on behalf of a variety of inauspicious start? If someone sell things on this day, you will feel that he is not crazy. However, Cola has such negative messages, so the selling of new products.
Black Friday, the reverse operation
If red cola, on behalf of the warm and positive source of happiness, black cola necessary to use a more special retractable banners to trigger the pleasure. In order to fully express the spirit of the Black media distributor of Cola - Starcom MediaVest, I hope you can find a no one has done, or had negative ideas into positive and happy spirit, and then be converted by Black Cola.

In general, the new listing will choose the auspicious day, or seized the opportunity for the festivals. Starcom has decided in full curse, and, unfortunately, the "Black Friday" promotion for Cola products Black Cola. The Starcom use reverse Black Cola limited buy one get one free single-day retractable banner promotional activities, "Black Friday, good luck to start from Black Cola" convey the spirit of the brand. To the consumer a With Black Cola, Black Friday, the 13th bad luck rid of feeling, with limited offers, so that consumers can enjoy Black Cola bring them good luck.
The immediate media operation strategy
Starcom day before the event, through the Internet, newspapers and broadcast news in advance of release retractable banner promotional message. Media operation, mainly to buy instant, or timeliness media sessions, such as SMS, Internet, media and regional broadcasting, day or the day before the event to remind the consumer promotions only one day.
To contact to consumers, Starcom FarEasTone send retractable banner promotional text messages in the metropolitan area through the vicinity of the base station can receive. On the day of the retractable banner promotional activities, Yahoo! Kimo Home, login message with MSN arrangements related ads. Even be able to tell from the radio station, as long as you can enjoy the nearby OK the HiLife convenience store to buy cola, buy one get one free offers.
Deputy Director of Starcom, said that a few days before the retractable banner promotional activities, many people heard the news in the newspaper or on the network, you have to own MSN nickname directly into a buy one get one free goodies Coke Zero message to form the effect of word-of-mouth marketing.
This retractable banner promotional activities, respectively, in the June 13, 2008, and March 13, 2009, in cooperation with the convenience store. 2008 sales growth of 40 times in 2009, though a small Family Mart convenience store owned by more than 2,000 pathways, but the other results of the cooperative store growth of 20 times. The most important, in the events of the past two years, Coke Zero in the promotion began in the afternoon of the day were sold out, confirms the powerful benefits of integrated media.