Chicken essence brand rejuvenation with retractable banner

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When a brand market share up to 70%, the use of an aging population there any way to make the results continue to grow? What retractable banner promotional strategy for brand rejuvenation?

Cerebos BRAND, assistant vice president of marketing Xu Yuling, to share the wonderful spirit ? business strategy of every day life brand "you" BRAND.

Xu Yuling the outset points out, boom chilly, the health food market in US is quite warm, still have a year to maintain stable growth. As a leading brand, BRAND does not meet the market situation and hope that the chicken is not only visits to the sick in order to come in handy, but consumers must healthy food, a bottle every morning helps to activation of the brain, to maintain spiritual vitality, health partners in the consumer life.
The new challenges of increasing frequency expansion ethnic

Partners in Health, the only way to become consumers' lives continually tap the demand of consumers, brands have room to grow. In addition to age, gender, BRAND cares more about the relevance of the "consumer".

Retractable Banner promotion in black Friday sales

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Black Friday make you think? Bible, Jesus was a disciple Judas day? Or on behalf of a variety of inauspicious start? If someone sell things on this day, you will feel that he is not crazy. However, Cola has such negative messages, so the selling of new products.
Black Friday, the reverse operation
If red cola, on behalf of the warm and positive source of happiness, black cola necessary to use a more special retractable banners to trigger the pleasure. In order to fully express the spirit of the Black media distributor of Cola - Starcom MediaVest, I hope you can find a no one has done, or had negative ideas into positive and happy spirit, and then be converted by Black Cola.

Target audience of your retractable banners

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Successfully hit your target audience is the first step of your retractable banner promotion. Try to  understand how your location and facilities currently in use. This is achieved by understanding your target customers and your way of traffic flow.

Although retractable banner promoting the course can notice neglected project, no point of advertising is not something people want. Retail stores and strive to appeal to a broad range of customers, but they are still distributed to their target customers dining. They attract the target customers through the store decor, products, retractable banner promoting and staff.

She pointed out that the "know your customer, and retail experts called everyone wants retailers to get the" discount store identity and experience, will not appeal to anyone. Their passion is the key is to learn to understand their needs and hopes. 'This principle clearly shows the two storage areas within the same company.