Setting up of Retractable Banner Stands in retail store

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Different methods of retractable banner stand construction. Maybe not the two banner stand men how to build a retractable banner stand film exactly the same way. Instructions assume that the chains have an oversupply of swimwear and beach wear, it is that you want to uninstall. Order to come up to the main office to all members stored in its window indicating they function this commodity. Window background image, use a large artificial fish watching his men, women and children bathing costumes model representation in modification.

If you check each member store the retractable banner stand has been completed, it can be immediately recognized a similar theme. Retractable banner stand men achieved its set will be somewhat different. The first store, for example, seamless paper painted sea blue shading as the basis of its retractable banner stand.

Paper is to reduce the required size and stapled to the background of the permanent window. A staff artist then painted on the brilliant and colorful tropical fish. At the same time, the model ready, beach and sea shells buried and appropriate accessories such as a picnic basket, thermos, beach towels and umbrellas, sandals, a layer selected.


The second storage capabilities resection fish beaver or Upson board, permanent suspension from the ceiling backdrop of their election. Here Cutawl proved its usefulness. Construction man in a large worksheet level place a piece of paper under the Upson Board of Directors. The worksheet is 4 feet wide, 12 feet long, about 3 feet high.

With charcoal or soft pencil, staff artist Overview Upson board, one directly on the fish, the fish is cut off Cutawl. It as a model, continuous fish quickly and easily cut. These are mounted in the measurement by 21 inches of soft pine frame. The staff artist painting their desired color, they are ready to pause in the window.

The third store retractable banner stand man decided to reduce or semi-round, in the form of a fish characteristics. To cut out the fish after his second store the same program. But the fish gone out and loaded, ready for more work before painting. Shredded chicken (or flexible grid) side of the fish affixed framework.

The wires tension to the place and cut after more lines are labeled the other side of the fish so that the wire itself A form a fish reliefs design. About 8 inches square sheets of newspaper then immersed in ordinary wheat paste thin solutions, and applies to the wire mesh until six to eight layers. These portions require additional accumulation of fish (eye, for example) with the wet paper of the multilayer filling, until the desired effect is obtained.

After the completion of the retractable banner stand member be allowed if thoroughly, about twenty-four hours, which is the desired effect shellacked, painted. That after the completion of rigid but lightweight. Fourth store fishery resources theme with aluminum wire. Aluminum stranded curved end secured by binding them with a thin line of packaging material, the shape of a fish.

Unfinished one. The above example will give you a lot of light in which the retractable banner stand for sale for some ideas. Of course, only a few possible variations is suggested. For example, instead of a painting finished retractable banner stand, flock or metal foil may have been applied to the wet shellac surface with darts. Wire luminous spark in the window and a group of brilliant light has the appearance of velvet.

Another method was carried out by the animation of this retractable banner stand distribution. It would have been in several ways, but the back of the window is placed a large aquarium, and conceal it behind Upson board panel may be the best. The cuts could have been hidden in Upson board round view from the aquarium and display only in the crater of fish swimming. This will create the illusion of a giant water-filled background.